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Woodfired ovens have been used since ancient times across many different cultures, for example in ancient Greece, ancient Rome, and ancient Egypt. Their usage for cooking is therefore welcomed and customary in human history and actually in a sense, traditional.

They are still very much used today, and although less commonly found than regular ovens, there are some major advantages to using them. Let’s explore what the differences are:


The most noticeable difference between these two types of ovens is the superiority of taste with the wood fired pizza oven. Items prepared with the same ingredients are universally considered that much more scrumptious when cooked with it, compared with the conventional oven.

With a woodfired oven, you can expect:


Because of the heating mechanisms used, heat is distributed evenly, giving a consistent texture and more wholesome flavour to any dish.

Better Crust on Pizza

Pizza crust puffs up quickly from the high heat. It is crispy and charred on the outside, yet soft, luscious, and chewy on the inside.


Caramelization and brown spots add dimension and depth to the flavour.


The element of burning wood adds a smokey flavour which gives one the rustic feeling of cooking with a campfire. You can even get different kinds of smoky flavours based on the wood you use.

High Moisture Retention

Natural yummy juices get locked in while cooking at such high temperatures.


Foods which are cooked much faster can retain more of their nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. These beneficial health elements are destroyed in regular ovens, which especially makes a difference when cooking veggies.

Cooking Time

Woodfired oven temperatures go up to about 500 degrees Celsius which means foods can cook through at much speedier rates. Without long wait times, it’s that much more inviting to just throw your favourite recipe right in the oven!

Environmental Friendliness

As woodfired pizza ovens operate by burning wood and creating a fire that heats the food, there is no need for gas or electricity. This reduces the burning of fossil fuels, not to mention your monthly electric bill!

Outdoor vs. Indoor

Your outdoor wood pizza oven is an exciting centrepiece of attraction for your outdoor entertainment space and a cause to invite friends and family over. Become the ultimate host.

It also means that you don’t have to overheat your house during the summer months when you are trying to keep it cool.


Cooking with a woodfired oven isn’t just a way to achieve unbelievably flavorful foods. The experience of using it creates a certain ambience that a regular oven just can’t attain. The soft glow of the fire radiating through the oven, and the fantastic smells that permeate the air as you’re cooking create a truly satisfying feeling.

Woodfired pizza ovens are an excellent investment that will vamp up recipes whilst saving on your electric bill and carbon footprint. They will give you a joyous culinary experience in your own backyard and beckon guests to come over.

Restaurants boast their wood-fired pizza ovens because they indicate tastier, more wholesome foods. Why not have the ability to prepare foods this appetizing in your very own home?

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