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When the weather is bleak in the cold winter days, nothing is as essential as owning a heating system. Due to the high cost of electric heaters, many homeowners often find themselves choosing between gas and wood ovens. The question is, which is the better option of the two?

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a massive concern nowadays, as people are getting more conscious of the environment and looking for ways to save money. While wood ovens evoke a classic outlook, they’re not a match to gas-powered models in terms of efficiency. 

Natural gas is the cheapest form of energy. Moreover, gas is versatile – you can use it for cooking, heating and lighting. The same case can’t be said for wood ovens – they’re only useful for heating and cooking.


Every homeowner cares about the safety of their property. Heating appliances can be potentially dangerous, especially when mishandled. In this regard, gas ovens are better compared to their wood-fired counterparts. This is because they produce zero fumes and soot when in use.

Additionally, gas ovens don’t produce sparks when they are being used. This makes them ideal for homes with young kids and pets.


Regarding installation, wood ovens are better than gas ovens. You can do it yourself because it is a straightforward process. On the contrary, gas systems require a professional because you need to be an expert at piping and installing the oven itself to meet the safety standards.


Gas ovens are more convenient than wood ovens. You can start them by a push of a button, and if you want to adjust heat, you only have to move a knob. This adjustability ensures that you pay for the energy you need.

On the other hand, wood-burning heaters need you to continually add more wood whenever you want to increase the temperature. It gets trickier when you want to lower the heat levels, as there’s no defined way of doing it. 

Additionally, you have to create a storage space for timber. With gas, you only have to ensure that the pipeline to your home is in a pristine condition.


Wood heaters produce a lot of smoke and heat when operating, meaning that you have to clean them regularly. Besides, you need to ensure that the chimney is free of soot and chemicals that increase fire risk. 

Contrariwise, gas ovens have a unique design that makes them less susceptible to fires. More specifically, they don’t have soot and smoke in their chimneys, making them ideal for people with little time for maintenance routines.


When it comes to aesthetics, wood ovens are significantly better than gas heaters. The former’s rustic smell and crackling sound give your home a classic feel, making it warm and welcoming. 

That said, technological advancements have made the flames produced by gas ovens appear more natural. Regardless, they still can’t match the scent produced by classic wood-fired heaters.


Going by the facts mentioned above, gas ovens are better than their wood-fired counterparts. They are more efficient, safer, and require little maintenance. However, if you like an old school feel in your home, wood will suit you better.

Regardless of your preference, Sydney Heaters has got you covered. With over 25 years of experience, we have an array of heaters that will surely meet your needs. Give us a call and we will help you decide on the perfect heating system for your home.

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