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This may seem like a stupid question – but a wise man once said that there are no stupid questions only stupid answers. Understanding the difference between a gas heater and a gas fireplace is like understanding the difference between apples and oranges. They are both pieces of fruit, yet are completely different in taste, appearance, texture and nutritional value.

A gas heater and a gas fireplace have similar jobs and that is to provide warmth. That being said, they are worlds apart when it comes to appearance and features. By the end of this post, you will know the difference between a gas heater and a gas fireplace.

The Gas Heater

There are many different styles of gas heaters. We’ve all been to the pub in the winter. If you haven’t there are these things called pubs where people drink and be merry. Some of them have a beer garden. When it’s cold there are tall looking metal mushroom looking things that run on gas. When lit they provide heat. They operate on a simple system of igniting the gas, which creates a fire which in turn creates heat.

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The flame is usually not visible and the heater relies on the metal tubing to help sustain the heat and keep people warm. They are also in houses. Usually, a rectangle shape about the size of an air conditioner and built into the wall. You light the pilot light then turn on the main gas. This heats up some heating bars which are metal that glows red hot and produces heat. Some have a fan to push the heat around the home. The flame is not visible and not really a prominent feature on a gas heater.

A Gas Fireplace

A gas fireplace is usually replicating an old style wood fireplace and has faux logs to make it look more authentic. A gas fireplace is a gas heater with the perks and visual appeal of the flame. The flame is a predominant feature that adds natural light and ambiance that allows the user to be engrossed and enchanted by its natural mystique. A gas fireplace’s heating functions are equal too if not succeeded by its aesthetic appeal. Basically, a gas fireplace will give your home the appeal of having a wood fireplace but instead of burning wood it will burn gas. There are many varieties of gas fireplaces from standalone units to build in units of all styles, shapes, and sizes. Many advancements have been made in the gas fireplace industry from adjustable flumes to programmed heat control.

The gas heater is a humble device that’s sole purpose is to provide heat to your home or outdoor area. There is nothing flashy about them but they do their job nicely. Let’s consider the home heater as the Toyota Corolla of heaters. A gas fireplace, on the other hand, provides ambience, dancing flames, multiple functions, and a sleeker design so we could consider this the Ferrari of home heating solutions.

Hopefully, you understand the difference between the two. If not, we can help you no more and we wonder how you have survived this long. But if you would like to keep warm in the winters get in contact with us here at Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens and we will gladly help you stay warm and stay alive.

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