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Pacific Energy is a Canadian company specialising in a range of gas heaters. These heaters are affordable and most importantly are full of all the latest technology. For anyone looking for gas heaters in Sydney, you need to take a look at some of the Pacific Energy range.


A Mirage gas log fire is a lot more than just a gas log fire, and it’s actual perfection. On those warmer nights when you want to use your fire for *atmosphere* the Mirage can work without the fan on. On nights when it is cold, turn the 5-speed fan up to blow nice warm air over your floors to keep your toes warm. Designed to provide powerful and efficient heat to your home with large aluminium-finned heat exchangers to give you high-performance heating efficiency while temperature at floor level ensures optimal heat and air circulation.

Mirage gives you the chance to choose your fire style, your colour and flue style. Standard features include variable heat output and flame height, one-touch programmable remote control. You have complete control over comfort, heating and appearance. The Mirage range comes with your choice of driftwood or crystal fire, in a range of Vitreous enamel colours – Titanium, Sunset red, Ebony or Ivory.

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This linear gas fireplace offers quality, engineering and technical innovation all packed into one modern linear gas fireplace. To achieve the ultimate in heat and energy efficiency the Esprit uses a one-touch programmable remote control and large formed steel heat exchangers to provide easy and fast control over heat. Even at its lowest settings, the flames are full and rich to warm the room gently.

This gas heater Sydney has been designed to impress and is excellent for the person who wants their house to have a real *wow* factor without the huge price tag. This unit is simple to install and simple to use. Packed with features if you want *mood* the Esprit can run in flame only or turn the fan up to 6 for colder nights when you want the warmth. You can choose between a modern Crystal display or the stunning drift wood with those long and lazy flames. You can also adjust the brightness – the amount of yellow – with a simple adjustment. For once you are in full control – there are no pre-set flames.

With so many features you’ll never look at gas fires the same way again. The Esprit is yours to customise – flame adjustment, fan adjustment, lighting adjustment and thermostat adjustment, add to this your choice of 3 facia options and 2 fire beds, the Esprit is uniquely yours. Perfect for a renovation, or a new home the Esprit is ready for any timber framed out cavity. The unit can be flued vertically or horizontally. You get everything you need:

  • The logs
  • The facias
  • The enamel reflector liners
  • The embers
  • The fans
  • The lights
  • Remote thermostat control
  • Micro mesh safety screen

All you need to add/choose is your flue – vertical or horizontal?