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The Kemlan XL freestanding fire is a powerful high-performance wood heater. It not only keeps you warm and comfortable even on the coldest of days, it creates a dramatic statement piece in any large home.The Kemlan XL has a very high heat output of 21.6 kW and an average high burn output of 14.6 kW per hour. It has long burn times and can heat an area of between 240 to 360 m2. This is also a very clean burner with emissions of only 2 g per kg of wood burned.This is a superior quality heater designed and manufactured in Australia by Kemlan, which has been a leader in heating systems since 1969.The best materials are used to ensure you have a superbly efficient, powerful heater that will last you many many winters. This includes a robust durable firebox that has an 8 mm steel backplate, a firebrick lined floor with ceramic board sides and baffle plate. It also has a primary and a secondary air system for greater efficiency.This large and impressive fire has a substantial ceramic glass viewing window so that you can fully enjoy the look and ambience of a real wood burning fire. The well-designed pre-heated primary airwash system keeps the glass clean reducing any maintenance and cleaning needed.The Kemlan XL comes with a ten-year conditional warranty.


  • Clean burning 2.0gms/kg emissions
  • HIgh efficiency average 61%
  • Firebrick lined floor with ceramic board sides and baffle plate
  • 8mm steel back plate for a robust durable firebox
  • Large ceramic glass viewing area remains clean throughot the length of the fire
  • Heating capacity app 25-35 squares
  • AS 2918 AND 4013 compliant
  • Proudly made in Australia
  • 10 yr conditional warranty


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