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The Kent Calisto medium wood fire insert is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a powerful clean heater for a mid-sized home. This is another beautifully-styled contemporary heater from the Calisto range and features the characteristic large viewing window for maximum enjoyment of your wood burning fire. Kent uses an efficient airwash system to keep the glass clean and always ensures you have a clear view with very little maintenance required.

The Calisto medium insert uses convection heat to warm an area of around 290 m2. It has a burn time of around 7.5 hours and will keep your home warm and toasty all night as well as during the day. Kent wood fires are known for their use of new technology to build some of the cleanest-burning heaters on the market. Its heaters will burn up to 3 times cleaner than current Australian standards. The Calisto medium insert has very low emissions, 0.9 g per kg of wood burned.

Installation is easy as this heater is designed to fit seamlessly into an existing fireplace. The 6 mm thick firebox is sturdy and durable and comes with a ten-year warranty.

Additional Information

Coverage 280m²
Burn Time up to 7.5 hours
Efficiency Above 60%
Emissions Below 1.5g/kg
Maximum Log Size 3025 mm2
Room Vent 370mm
Construction 6mm
Firebox Size 0.07m³
Warranty 10 Year Firebox

Zero Clearance compatible


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