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The Fairlight Insert wood heater is an elegant contemporary design that features a very sizable landscape window so that you can enjoy a full view of the roaring fire inside.The Fairlight is one of Australian company Kent’s newest designs and is perfect for warming larger spaces with the capacity to heat an area of up to 280 m2. This heater has a long burn time of up to 8 hours and will keep your home warm throughout cold winter nights.This is a high quality heater that is built to last and includes Skamolex lining. Skamolex is high-tech insulation developed by Danish company Skamol.Among the advantages of using this type of material is that the firebox doesn’t need the same maintenance that a firebrick lining does plus you avoid the costs of replacement.Kent uses the latest technology to make their fires among the cleanest on the market. This heater burns very cleanly and emissions are ultra low at 0.7 g per kg of wood burned. Efficiency is high at 60% and heat output is enhanced by a powerful three-speed fan

Coverage 280m²
Peak Heat Output 10.9kW
Burn Time up to 8 hours
Efficiency 60%
Emissions 0.7g/kg
Maximum Log Size 330-700mm
Construction 5mm with
SKAMOLEX™ lining
Firebox Size 0.06m³


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