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The Tempo Le No. 3 is a great heater cleverly designed with a useful cooktop. This freestanding wood heater makes a great feature in any home and is perfect for a smaller area or holiday home. The Tempo Le No. 3 produces enough heat to warm an area of up to 160 m2. Established in 1969, Australian company Kemlan has become one of the world’s leading specialists in fireplace design and manufacture. The Tempo Le No. 3 uses convection side panels combined with radiant heat from the top, making this a very efficient modern heater. Only the best materials are used for this quality product and the firebox comes with a ten-year warranty. This is a very versatile fire and you can choose different options according to your individual needs and style of your home. It has a silicone enamel painted finish available in standard black or selection of other colours. You can also choose to have it fitted on either a neat pedestal or small legs. This heater has close clearances to rear and side walls, allowing you the freedom to install with the minimum of floor space requirements. Maintenance of the viewing glass is simple because of Kemlan’s advanced airwash system which helps to keep the glass clean.


The features of an Tempo include:

• Environmentally friendly

• Preheated primary airwash system ensures a clean view of the fire

• Superb radiant heater

• Large glass ceramic viewing area

• High heat output

• Natural convection system

• Cook top surface



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