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Elite have designed what we call our “Conversion Kit Frame” that converts the supplied transport frame into a support frame.
The Elite 850 TC is supplied and transported, fastened down to our primed steel transport frame (as seen in freight image). Elite have designed a “support frame” which is an additional frame extension that converts the supplied transport frame into a convenient supporting structure to accommodate the 850 TC.

Customers can clad the frame in their own choice of outdoor rated materials at a later date or speak with us to get popular designs to build the Elite oven into their dream outdoor kitchen.

When the 850TC is installed on top of the bare frame the finished oven floor height is 950mm, being the perfect cooking height for an Elite oven and finished bench top height. This frame can be installed on a structurally engineered rated deck. The overall weight of the oven and supported frame is approximately 400kgs. An additional 18mm CFC board can be easily used under the 4 legs of the support frame to disperse the weight.

Frame Dimensions – 1120mm (W) x 1180mm (D) x 950mm (cooking height)


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