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Just because the days grow shorter and the evening chill descends, there’s no need to say goodbye to the joys of outdoor BBQ grills. With a little extra preparation, you can equip yourself to battle the colder months head-on. These outdoor BBQ tips will help you keep the heat turned up in your alfresco area all year round.

Grilling in the Rain

Grilling in the rain is absolutely possible with the right preparation. Consider investing in some form of overhead coverage, such as a well-anchored patio umbrella or a barbecue canopy. If you are willing to make a more substantial investment, covered grilling stations offer protection from the elements while potentially boosting the property’s value.

Grilling in the Wind

Attempting to grill in gusty conditions can be quite unpleasant and often ineffective. Combat the wind by creating a windbreak, a simple DIY project requiring a sheet of plywood or similar material to act as a barrier. Ensure your windbreak is stable and positioned safely away from your grill and surroundings.

Grilling in the Snow

Don’t let a few flurries or centimetres of powdery snow deter you from firing up your portable BBQ. Identify a safe spot, steer clear of enclosed spaces, and remove any accumulated snow before starting your grilling session.

Charcoal vs. Gas Grilling

While we all have our preferences when it comes to fuel type, the game changes during the winter months. Although lighting a charcoal grill might not be challenging, reaching the desired temperature will undoubtedly take longer, requiring extra fuel and extended time spent outdoors. Similarly, gas grills demand a warm-up period and may need additional fuel if the heating process is prolonged.

Grill Positioning

Before igniting your grill, assess the wind direction and position your portable BBQ accordingly. Turn any vents away from the grill and ensure it’s at least three meters away from structures or flammable objects. Once lit, carefully lift the lid to prevent heat or food loss during gusts.

Maintaining Temperature

Be mindful of heat loss due to wind or rain. With charcoal outdoor BBQ grills, plan to have extra charcoal on hand and start early to maintain the desired temperature. For gas grills, strong winds can extinguish burners, requiring you to turn off the gas, open the lid, and relight.

Insulating Your Grill

Proper insulation is key for preventing rapid heat loss in cold weather. You can purchase a cold-weather jacket from your grill’s manufacturer or build one yourself using flame-resistant materials.


Find your Outdoor BBQ

By following these tips, you can master the challenge of winter grilling. While it may not be possible to entertain your guests outside entirely during the winter months unless you have an outdoor heater, an outdoor BBQ Sydney is still the best way to bring friends and family together – no matter the weather conditions.

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