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It’s official. Fire cooking is back – and it’s back with a vengeance. The biggest cooking trend IS now fire cooking, whether it’s with charcoal grillers or roasting veggies on the coals of an open fire. When we take a look at modern food trends, it’s quite easy to see why this rudimentary cooking style is having a resurgence of late. With trends in food being towards very stripped back, basic principles, such as the raw food diet, or paleo eating diet, people are wanting to eat – as well as cook – in a way that harkens back to our most early ancestors. There’s nothing quite like doing things (almost) the same way that we would’ve done so many thousands of years ago.

Finding Fire: Cooking at its Most Elemental by Lennox Hastie is a new book that has risen straight to the top of the charts, a Christmas gift many times over across the country. If you think that you’ve heard the name before, that’s because Lennox is Head Chef over at Sydney’s very fashionable restaurant Firedoor. Within the book, we find a treasure trove of amazing recipes from the man himself, and all is cooked over the fire. The book also explains the nuances of fire cooking, such as the different types of woods available and how they are used to flavour meat. The technique is very important when it comes to cooking with wood fires, so it’s important that you take the time to learn it and practice, practice, practice until you get it right. Cooking with fire is not a race, so take it easy there cowboy.

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And what about other fire cooking? Well, we’ve also seen more and more of the outdoor wood pizza oven creeping into homes over the past decade or so, as people become more familiar with this awesome outdoor cooking solution. The chances are that if you’ve tried out your neighbour’s outdoor pizza oven, then you’re probably eyeing off one of your own right now. Whether it’s pizza or meats, there’s no denying that once you nail the cooking times and getting the fire just right, you’re in for some delicious treats.

If you don’t yet have a fire to cook with, then you can check out the wood-fired pizza ovens that we have available, as well as our collection of charcoal barbies. Jump in on this trend if you’re a fan of yummy food and you love to cook. Fire cooking is perfect for anyone who takes pride in getting back to their roots. It makes you feel like you are more connected to your ancestors in a very primal way. Not only that, you’re sure to be serving up amazing meals once you get that timing right.