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Typically, pizza is a food item enjoyed by young and old, from buying frozen pizzas in your supermarket to ordering a fresh hot pizza delivered online. What if you could have fresh homemade pizzas pretty much any time of the day or night, made and prepared SPECIFICALLY to your own tastes? Thanks to wood fired pizza ovens you can!

You can enjoy fresh hot pizzas right at home which is why wood fired pizza ovens are becoming a popular backyard *must have*.

A pizza oven is an oven that is used for cooking pizzas and there are quite a few styles around from electric and gas to the very popular – and far more traditional wood fired pizza oven. Who wouldn’t like the convenience of fresh, hot, made to order pizzas right in their own backyard?

You will become the envy of all your friends, rather than a backyard barbeque you can now invite people around to try a range of your very own fresh, homemade pizzas – who knows you may even develop your own *signature pizza*. Pizza ovens are so versatile in that you can make your pizza dough from scratch, or buy pizza bases already made from your local supermarket. Once you have your base *the sky is the limit* from adding a sauce base you can work your way through so many options – meats, fish, chicken, prawns, any and every vegetable imaginable.

If you have a large or fussy family you can make pizzas to everyone’s different tastes, from vegetarian to packed with meats, or healthy to dripping in melted cheese. Pizza parties are a great way to get friends together – everyone can make their own small pizzas – perfect when getting a bunch of kids together after a sporting competition or for birthday parties.

You have the convenience of a home cooked meal whenever you want without too much effort.

Wood fired pizza ovens are loved by everyone who owns one –
● Pizza ovens are both efficient and convenient
● Everyone loves pizza and for fussy eaters you can make pizzas suitable for anyone
● Wood fire pizza ovens look stunning in any backyard
● Once you have tasted your own home cooked and prepared wood fired pizza – you’ll NEVER buy store bought again
● You can bake your pizza in next to no time
● Pizzas tastes great when cooked in a wood fired pizza oven
● You can cook breads and other items in your pizza oven
● Making your own pizza from scratch is an amazing experience and one you can get the whole family involved in
● Pizza ovens make cooking fun
● There are a range of options and pizza ovens available to buy, you are sure to find the right one for your needs and budget