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The warmth of a wood fire pizza oven is just *something else* there is an amazing feeling when one is in use. People are adding wood fired pizza ovens to their outdoor kitchens because these ovens are not just an investment they offer a very unique cooking experience that delivers mouth-watering results – these ovens are more than just pizza ovens.

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Pizza ovens offer a unique flavour, and this style of oven offers a different way of cooking that has been in use for many generations – and – for a good reason. Pizzas aren’t just the only thing you can cook in a pizza oven – in fact a mouth-watering and crisp pizza is just the beginning of your cooking adventure. A good quality pizza oven should be well insulated if this is the case if you close the door, the next morning there should still be enough heat left to bake some small pastries or bread.

  • 300C is the perfect heat for pizza and roasts
  • 220C is great for adding breads, meats and vegetable
  • 100C is perfect for a pot full of beans or other small foods
  • At 60C you can dry fruits and vegetables


Woodfire pizza ovens can be bought or made from a range of materials, each with its own pros and cons, being able to choose the materials means your wood fire pizza oven will *fit right in*, rather than look like some extra addition added as an afterthought.

  • BRICK – Is fuel-efficient and can retain up to 85% of the heat generated by the fire. It can take longer to heat up, but the bricks retain heat more efficiently which will minimise the amount of wood you’ll need.
  • STONE – very similar to brick in heat efficiency. Depending on the type of stone chosen, it can be an expensive option
  • STEEL – Stainless steel is a popular choice and it requires less maintenance than other materials. It heats up faster than stone or brick, but it is less efficient when it comes to heat retention. It’s easy to connect a modern style pizza oven to gas rather than wood as it’s fuel source.


How you plan on using your pizza oven is a good guide, are you feeding only a few people, every now and then? Do you want a few pizzas every now and then, or do you entertain regularly? Are you happy to put in the extra effort for a larger crowd? How much food you see yourself wanting to serve will be a good indicator when it comes to choosing the size of your pizza oven.

Do you have a lot of space in your outdoor kitchen, how much room you have will be another deciding factor? If you are building an outdoor kitchen from scratch – around your pizza oven you won’t have to worry about space, concentrate on size.

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