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The phrase “al fresco” is Italian for “in the cool air”, however, the term is currently used to refer to dining outside, especially in the spring and summer months. So, cool air has pretty much nothing to do with it other than the fact, in most cases, it can be cooler outside then it is inside.

Al fresco dining also represents a very casual way to dine and often brings on a party-like atmosphere.

It’s summertime in Australia, that means that the dining room, and even the kitchen move outside. When the temperature hits 30C, or more, restaurants in Sydney start filling up.

Australians love to dine al fresco. The restaurants most popular, at this time of the year, are those that have patio dining like the traditional sidewalk cafes in France.

Adding an outdoor room to your home
Dining al fresco isn’t just for restaurants anymore. Australians enjoy eating outside so much that several of them are adding in a kitchen and dining area right onto their deck – creating an extra room to their homes.

Over the years, outdoor rooms have grown in popularity. People are taking their decks, patios and any other outdoor spaces and creating an environment that becomes an extension of their existing home.

How elaboratly a person creates their outdoor living space is based on a person’s imagination. Some people want a little spot in their backyard to find some peace and quiet, others want a larger space so they can entertain friends and family.

One thing that most Australians will agree on is that food tastes much better when it’s eaten outside. Currently, more restaurants are realising just how important dining outside is to customers.

Even though a restaurant with al fresco dining is at the mercy of Mother Nature, it brings the restaurant indirect benefits. The first is a relaxed atmosphere that resembles those of southern Europe’s venues.

However, the most important benefit an al fresco dining experience brings is the increase in sales, which can be quite a bit more than the income from indoor dining alone.

Raise the stakes in your personal “restaurant” and consider a pizza oven for your al fresco entertainment area.