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Home heating during the colder months is essential but costly. Luckily, pellet heaters are available, which provide an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to warm your house. This article details pellet heaters, giving three reasons why they are good for the environment.


What is a pellet heater?

A pellet heater is a home heating appliance fuelled by pellets rather than firewood. They are famous for having the highest fuel to heat conversion efficiency in the home heating appliance range. Pellet heaters produce minimal ash and virtually no smoke. They provide a versatile space heating solution that saves time and money.

The secret behind pellet heater efficiency is the pellet fuel quality. These pellets are made up of compressed residue from wood production and other combustible waste. The fuel is supplied as small finger-size pellets in bags of varying weights.

They are manufactured as a by-product from waste wood chips, sawdust, crop residue and other dry organic waste. You can contact Sydney Heaters for advice on using pellets as fuel in your regular wood-burning heaters.

One of the main features of using pellet heaters is that they are eco friendly. Here are three ways how they benefit our environment.

Minimal emissions

Wood fuel is a carbon-neutral heat source because the trees absorb carbon during their lifespan. Yet, moisture and plant sap are among the primary sources of dirty smoke in firewood.

Pellets are produced from dry wood shavings and have a maximum moisture content of about 8%. Also, due to the lack of tar and plant sap, pellet fuels don’t produce creosote or oily residue and fumes when they burn. The low moisture and sap content means that pellets are among the cleanest solid heating fuels available.

As a clean fuel, pellets provide a viable space heating alternative to gas and electricity generated from fossil-fueled power stations. You can also use pellets instead of firewood in your woodfired pizza ovens if you don’t like the smokey woody flavours.

Renewable energy source

The primary ingredient of pellets is waste from the wood processing industry. Manufacturers also use other dry organic waste such as agricultural crop residue, tree bark and nutshells to make the pellets. Using these waste products as renewable fuel sources supports the conservation of forests. Pellets provide an eco-friendly waste management solution where waste material is recycled and repurposed for productive use.

High heat output

Pellets provide an impressive fuel to heat conversion rate because they comprise dense combustible material. During manufacture, pellets are compressed to the smallest size possible. Also, wood pellets have only 0.5% ash content minimising the waste they produce. With minimal moisture and waste content, more than 90% of the pellets’ weight can be converted to heat.

The dense compression enables you to load more fuel into your heater. Yet, due to the high heat conversion rate, you only need a small number of pellets to maintain the temperatures you desire. Therefore, you don’t need lots of storage space for your pellet fuel.

The use of pellet fuel holds several other advantages, especially for woodfired heaters in Sydney. Since the pellets are supplied ready to use in convenient bags, it minimises your heater fuel preparation time. Also, if you have an outdoor heater in Sydney, you can store your highly effective fuel indoors, away from the rain and moisture. Call Sydney Heaters on 1300 938 346 today for more information on pellet heaters.

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