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Down under we are well known for our scorching hot summers, however people tend to forget that for nearly five months we Aussies are exposed to cold and dry winds which their arrival usually catches us off guard. One day it’s a hot summer arvo down at the beach, twenty-four hours later and we’re all snuggled up in bed drinking hot chocolates.

By having a wood heater installed in your home, you will make sure to be well-prepared for the upcoming winter season. The benefits that this modest appliance can grant your household are countless; that is why we believe that a wood heater is an investment and not a purchase. Below we will explore what the main benefits of wood heater are:

Are you looking to save hundreds a month?

Electricity bills can add up throughout the entire year the average spends on electricity in Australia is close to the $2,000 mark.  As most wood heaters virtually need no electricity or power, by investing in one, you will make sure to save money each month. The only running expense a wood heater requires is wood, a much cheaper source of fuel in comparison to oil or electricity. By switching to a wood heater, you will make sure to save hundreds of dollars each year. 

Environmentally Friendly

Against popular belief, wood heating is the most environmentally friendly way to stay warm in winter. As we previously mentioned, most wood heaters operate with virtually no need for electricity, resulting in a much eco-friendlier heating system. In addition, when wood burns, it does not release any carbon dioxide into the environment, compared to heaters that burn fossil fuels like oil or gas. 

Aesthetic boost

Wood heather transforms any room into a cosy and welcoming sanctuary where all the worries seem to escape, and the only thing on your mind is a warm cup of tea. It is undeniable that these modest devices have the ability to revamp the romantic and soothing atmosphere of your house. Whichever room has the honour to contain the wood heather will become the highlight of the house, witnessing your family spending countless cold Sunday morning and nights all snuggled up.

Cooking Abilities

Most people tend to forget about the culinary applications wood heathers have. You can pretty much cook any type of meal on your wood heather depending on the model, and this comes in very handy if the area you live in experiences constant blackouts. 

We strongly believe that wood heathers are the best investment you can make before the arrival of the winter season if you’d like to save hundreds a year while at the same time lowering your global footprint feel free to call us to find out more. Transform your living room this winter into a cosy sanctuary for all to envy. Go online to see the wide range of models we have on offer.

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