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Knowing where to direct attention in a room can be challenging in open-plan homes. A focal point often sets the mood in an interior, and while some areas naturally draw the eye, like the kitchen island, a large window, or elegant furniture, euro fireplaces can easily become the centrepiece of your living room. Often only used as a heat source, this architectural design element can become the main attraction in your living room. Whether you are renovating or building new, here are some ideas on how to let a fireplace Sydney become the focal point of your home.

Include a Mantel

A mantel above the fireplace provides a platform for displaying artwork, photos, or decorative items. Pick a mantel design that complements your interior style and draws attention to the area, making the fireplace Sydney a focal point.

Highlight with Lighting

Consider installing sconces or recessed lights above or beside the fireplace to illuminate the area and enhance its prominence. You can also use LED strip lighting or candles to add warmth and ambience.

Create Symmetry

Symmetrical arrangements always enhance the visual impact of Sydney fireplaces and make them a focal point. Plan for matching décor or potted plants on the sides to frame the fireplace and draw attention to the centre.

Arrange your Furniture

Try placing your furniture so that lines lead towards the focal point, for example, facing two armchairs towards each other on either side of the fireplace. Remember to keep all furniture at least a metre away for safety and room for movement.

Accessorise Thoughtfully

Consider adding carefully curated accessories like vases and sculptures to emphasise the space further. You can also try adding trim around your fireplace to outline it.

Make it Functional

An electric fireplace is the easiest way to make a dormant fireplace functional again without the hassle of wood fireplace heaters or gas maintenance. Arrange furniture around the fireplace to create a cosy, inviting atmosphere that encourages socialising and relaxation.

Experiment with Colour

Paint the fireplace wall with an accent colour from your scheme, or utilise wallpaper to make it stand out. Bold or contrasting colours can create a dramatic focal point, and you can repeat the accent colour in cushions and other décor around the room for a cohesive look.

Incorporate Artwork

Hang framed art prints or abstract wall décor above the fireplace to create a striking focal point. If you prefer to put the TV above the fireplace, update to a model that displays art-like images.

By incorporating a few of these ideas, you can create a focal point with fireplaces Sydney that enhances the overall aesthetic and makes a statement in your living room.

Make Fireplace Sydney your Focal Point

Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens have been heating Sydney homes since 2005. Call 1300 938 346 for more information on euro fireplaces, or visit our showroom at 151 Briens Road Northmead, NSW 2152, to make one of our stylish and functional fireplaces the focal point of your home.

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