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Many homes in Australia use wood burning heaters to keep their homes warm throughout the cooler seasons. However, electric heaters have been steadily gaining popularity as the heater of choice. The technological improvements in these fireplaces have made them a viable, cost-effective heating option for modern homes.

This article focuses on five reasons why people in Australia love electric fireplaces.

1.     High Energy Efficiency

The basic electric fireplaces work by drawing and warming cool air using electric heating elements before recirculating it in your room. As the air has no interaction with the outside environment, there is minimal heat energy lost.

It is easy to monitor and control how much energy your fireplace consumes per day. In addition, you can switch your electric fireplace on or off at will, enabling you to regulate your energy consumption while maintaining a nice home warm.

2.      High Safety Standards

Electric fireplaces are among the safest heating devices you can install in your home. They are smokeless, keeping you safe from carbon monoxide toxicity, and they enable you to avoid the risks associated with open fires in the home. In addition, the high safety standards free you from worrying about your kids or pets running around the house while your electric heater is on.

3.      Ease of use

Electric fireplaces are much easier to use than standard wood heaters. You can ignite or turn off your electric fireplace at the flip of a switch, and you don’t need to acquire or prepare your fuel beforehand. Advanced electric fireplaces also have remote control functions, giving you freedom over your temperature and sometimes display settings.

In effect, electric fireplaces relieve you from tedious and time-consuming fire lighting processes. They allow you to enjoy more precious time with your family around the fire and enhance your flexibility to entertain guests in your home.

4.      Low maintenance

Electric fireplaces are easy to clean and have minimal maintenance requirements. Without the presence of ash, creosote, or gas flame residue, cleaning your electric fireplace is hassle-free.

Also, since electric fireplaces don’t have moving parts or any need for external interference, there is a very low risk of damages or premature failures. You only need to follow the prescribed care, maintenance and troubleshooting guidelines to keep your heater in optimal operating condition.

5.      Low space requirements

Electric fireplaces are easy to install. They don’t need extra components such as chimneys to redirect smoke or flue gas out of your home. Your electric fireplace can fit snugly into your wall to maximise the floor space of your room. Because they are so easy to install and take up minimal space, you can install electric fireplaces in any room you desire.

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