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Winter is done and dusted for another year and the warmer weather is beaming down and those chilly nights are all but a memory. For now, at least. It’s easy to forget the colder months while your pool side, rejoicing in the rays of the sun with your favourite book. But of course old man winter will be back next year and that’s why Summer is a good time to get your new wood fire heater installed. You will be ready and not caught unawares when Winter pokes it head around the corner. There are also many benefits from purchasing and installing your fireplace in the off season and in this post we tell you exactly why.

Deals Deals Deals

During the off season you may be able to score a bargain on your new fireplace or heater. Most retailers have discounts on stock during the Summer months which will save you serious cash. You might be able to pick up one of last season’s models for dirt cheap. It’s the classic case of supply and demand and you can be sure that fireplaces are in high demand during the colder months. This also applies to installation technicians and tradies. They are in less demand during the Summer months and will often give you a good deal to keep business ticking over. Retailers have their own tradies and may include the installation into the deal.

Faster Installation

Tradies tend to be a lot busier in the Winter months as everyone leaves it to the last minute to install their new fireplace. Tradies bounce around from job to job doing little bits at a time. Installing a fireplace can be a lengthy process if you leave it to the last minute. Installing your fireplace in the slower months, when the tradies aren’t run off their feet, will ensure that your fireplace will be installed as soon as possible.

Availability of Stock

Even the most well-stocked retailers may have to order in particular parts for your fireplace and this can take up to six weeks. It all good and well in Summer because you won’t be freezing your fingertips off counting down the moments until you can light up the fireplace and get toasty warm. If you have a few months up your sleeve, waiting for parts won’t be a problem. It’s kind of like the story about the two squirrels. One collects his nuts in the Summertime and stashes them away for Winter while the other one rollicks in the fields. When Winter hits the squirrel with the stash of nuts is fine while the other one almost starves to death.

This Summer, be the smart squirrel that collects his nuts and gets ready for the Winter. You will save a few bucks while ensuring your house will be nice and toasty this Winter. Pop into our store at Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens and one of our representative will get you sorted for the oncoming Winter and hook you up with the best deal on a heater in Sydney.

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