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Winter can be quite unpleasant if you’re unprepared for the chilly weather. Snow, rainfall, and strong weather conditions can ruin the season and make life unbearable in your home if you don’t have a working heater and your home hasn’t been prepped for winter.

Keep reading to find all the necessary steps to ensure you have a warm and cosy winter at home.

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

You can take steps to weatherproof your home and provide yourself with heating that will stop your toes from feeling icy and numb (even with thick socks on).

Ensure Your Hot Water Heater Is Serviced

Having no hot water or central heating during the winter isn’t fun. Before winter arrives, you must ensure your heater is in complete working order – check the boiler pressure and ensure there are no leaks.

Also, insulate your pipes and your water tank. These steps will ensure you have hot water and heating during the winter months, potentially saving you money on your energy bill.

Prepare Your Windows and Doors

Drafts let in by gaps in window frames and door frames can be seriously detrimental to your heating bill and may cause your house to be colder when it gets chilly outside. You can easily weatherproof your windows and doors by applying caulk to the moulding.

Caulk is generally inexpensive – it usually won’t cost you more than $25. Use exterior silicone caulk as this is not vulnerable to shrinkage in harsh weather conditions. Ensure you only apply caulk to the outside perimeter of your window and door moulding.

Add an Indoor Wood Burner

A wood burner can seriously brighten up your winter, creating a warm glow and making your house cosy and warm. Wood-burning heaters add a great sense of ambience to your home, and you can choose from wood heater inserts that slot into your wall or freestanding wood heaters that give a more rustic feel. Alternatively, opt for a gas-burning heater, which offers a more modern and chic style with the same soul-warming aura and less mess.

Add an Outdoor Wood Burner

If you still wish to utilise your outdoor space during the winter and host events with hot drinks and blankets around the fire, check out the outdoor heating Sydney offers. This is a great solution for those that hate being confined indoors during the winter. Enjoy all areas of your home in the winter months.

Opt for a fire pit, enabling you to toast marshmallows and other treats on the open fire and make memories with friends in the colder weather.


Getting your home ready for winter is essential and will help you enjoy warmth and peace in style, even when it is icy outside. Warm water, central heating, insulation, and logs burning are essential ingredients for an enjoyable winter. Contact Sydney Heaters & Pizza Ovens to find the right winter solution for your home.

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