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In Australia, we’re slowly beginning to emerge from the chilly depths of winter as we eagerly await for spring to start. Not only does spring bring warmer weather, but it also offers more opportunities to gather your friends and family and host outdoor events, such as BBQs.

In this post, we’re sharing four of the top occasions to throw a BBQ this spring. From Father’s Day to birthdays to sports events, you’ll be ready to head outside and start grilling right away!

Whether you’re grilling in your backyard, at the beach, or in a park, BBQs are a classic option to celebrate.

Even better, if you’re still in search of a great Father’s Day gift in Sydney, check out the range of BBQ options from Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens. Our BBQs will make a great gift that dad will enjoy for years to come.


If you have a spring birthday, why not round up your friends and family and celebrate with an outdoor BBQ? Not only can you enjoy your special day, but you can also relax in the warmer weather.

You can also throw a BBQ birthday party for your loved ones. Get everyone involved by making it a potluck-style party, where everyone brings their own dish to share, and the host provides and grills the meat and vegetarian-friendly BBQ options.

Grand Final Weekends (28th September and 6th October)

If you’re a fan of sport, don’t miss the opportunity to throw a BBQ on two of the biggest weekends of the year. This year, the AFL Grand Final will be held on Saturday, 28th September, while the NRL Grand Final will be played on Sunday, 6th October.

BBQs and sport go hand-in-hand, and hosting a party is a fantastic way to cap off the end of the season, even if your favourite club doesn’t make the final.

Melbourne Cup (5th November)

As one of the most famous horse races in the world, and known as the “race that stops a nation,” this year’s Melbourne Cup will be held on Tuesday, 5th November. If you’ve got the day off from work or school, why not celebrate in full style by hosting a BBQ at your home?

Ask your friends to bring beverages and snacks and tell them that you’ll provide the meat. If you’re considering purchasing a new BBQ, having a Melbourne Cup party would be a great time to debut your new investment.

Engagement parties

These days, it seems like extravagant wedding festivities are the new standard. But if you’re getting married and trying to save money, you could plan a do-it-yourself BBQ for your engagement party, rather than hosting it at an expensive restaurant.

Especially as the weather warms up throughout spring, a casual BBQ is a great way to bring people together to celebrate your engagement. After all, you’ll be planning a more formal wedding for the near future, so why not have a more relaxed vibe for your engagement?

As springtime gets closer with each passing day, now is an ideal time to think about hosting outdoor events, such as BBQs. Don’t forget to explore the selection of BBQs from Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens, along with our range of gas heaters for outdoor entertaining in the evenings.

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