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When you live in tropical climes (like much of Australia), the difference between winter and spring isn’t always that drastic. In snowy countries, little buds and flowers poke through the snow when the birds start to sing, warming our hearts and promoting us to ignore the messy mud and slush. But in our temperate conditions, plants flower all year round, and while spring brings more sunshine, there’s not much difference in your plant life.

It really depends on your garden plant selection though. Different species release their fruits and flowers at different times. Some of these plants respond to the levels of light in their surroundings, so they’re more vibrant when the springtime sun comes out after months of dreary clouds. Also, the chilly weather may have made you lazy about yard work, so this is a good time to catch up. Start by getting rid of any weeds and clearing out nesting pests. You should also trim and prune any overhangs and ‘repair’ your topiary.

Check your stonework

Indoor-outdoor spaces are generally a mixture of sand and stone, or rather, tile and grass. If you have flagstones in your yard, check between them and uproot all weeds. Wash the stones themselves, according to type. Natural slabs can be hosed at high pressure while concrete paving might need to be scrubbed to remove any browning. Your outdoor wood-fired pizza oven needs attention too, though how much depends on your care routine. The outdoor kitchens we supply here at Sydney Heaters & Pizza Ovens are pretty easy to maintain.

If you had given your oven a thorough pre-winter clean, it won’t need too much sprucing up, since it will only have accumulated dust over the past few months. But if you used it during winter and felt too chilly to clean it properly, then your maintenance activities will have to be more thorough. Clean out the ashes and vacuum the oven with a brush attachment, or you can use a pizza oven broom. They have a special elongated design and ash-catching bristles.

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Get that oven clean

Some people like to wash their ovens. You can clean it out with natural soap, warm water, and a soft brush. Don’t use harsh detergents, because this is a food-grade appliance. Dish-washing liquid works fine, though not many homeowners feel the need to clean their ovens with water or soap. If you do, make sure you dry it completely, preferably by wiping with a rag and letting it air dry to completion. Any leftover moisture could cause a damp smell that will spread to your pizza and BBQ dishes.

Inspect the oven for any cracks or crumbles and do your repairs before BBQ season reaches its peak. While you’re at it, check your wood supplies to be sure you have enough and make a re-order if you need to. Also, remember that having ashes in the oven makes it light faster, so consider leaving a few centimetres of ash in your oven. That said, if you haven’t used the oven all winter, it may not be the healthiest residue, so just start fresh.

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