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At Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens, we understand how important it is that your kids grow up healthy and happy and with strong bonds to every member of your household, from their brothers and sisters to their parents. By simply getting the family together one night a week for a wood fired pizza oven dinner you can help bring your family closer together.

Try and get together with all the family one night a week, we know it can be hard to arrange, but a family pizza night is a great chance to get everyone in one spot so you can chat, catch up and stay involved with everyone.
It’s important to get together for family meals.

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Wood fired pizza oven family nights gives you a chance to connect with your children – especially pre and teenage children. Encourage everyone to talk and to listen to each other, when you sit down and eat together it’s a much easier way to connect with your children and to keep up with what is happening in their lives.

Pizzas you make at home are a great way to encourage healthy living, wholemeal pizza bases, low-salt sauces and pizzas loaded with vegetables or meat (not processed meats), keep portions to a sensible size and finish off with a nice fruit salad. Your family will not only love fresh homemade pizzas they’ll be eating healthy and not even know it!

Studies have shown that children who eat meals with their families have a lower risk of substance abuse and depression. Because you keep the lines of communication open, your children will feel loved and relaxed, they’ll feel they can come to you if they have any problems or questions.

Family dinners – on the whole – be it pizza nights or any other meals helps to relieve stress. If you have had a hard or stressful day at work, or school, sitting down to a nice relaxed home cooked meal gives everyone the chance to relax and unwind.

Sharing Pizza as a Family Brings The Family Closer

Getting together as a family teaches your children important social skills. It teaches young people how to have manners and make polite conversations, long before they are out in the real word, meeting potential employers.

Your kids will do better in school. Studies have shown that children who grow up in homes where family dinners are routine is a sign that parents are involved. It gives you a chance to see how they are progressing at school and your younger children will gain from being able to boost their vocabulary and language skills simply by talking to adults and their older siblings.

Of course, making your own wood fired pizzas at home saves you money. Cooking at home is less expensive than eating out, it’s more relaxing, and gives you the chance for one on one time with the family. The money you save on dinners out can go towards a nice family holiday.