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With temperatures dropping at night and winter around the corner, this is the time to make your interiors cosy. Fireplaces are a worthwhile investment come the autumn. Not only do they take the chill off a living room, these appliances also create a more inviting and exciting place to gather and spend quality time together.

An electric heater is a great type of fireplace for any home. Unlike a traditional wood-fired fireplace, an electric heater has many practical features that make operation and customisation a breeze. If you haven’t considered upgrading your home with an electric fireplace because of the rumours that it may not be good for your health, read on. The following will clarify common misconceptions and explain how electric heaters contribute to your overall well-being.


General Warmth and Comfort

Lighting a radiant and mesmerising flame with the flip of a switch is something to look forward to when driving home from work. Unwinding with a warm drink in one hand and a great read in the other is invaluable after a long day. An electric fireplace lets you precisely control the heat output until you find the perfect comfort level while ensuring a consistent and even distribution of warmth throughout the room.


Soothe Irritated Airways

Despite rumours, electric fireplaces do not dry out the air in a room. This is especially important to know for those with respiratory issues like asthma or COPD, as dry air can worsen symptoms. The moist, circulated air from an electric fireplace can relieve irritated airways and make breathing easier. Many of our customers report that the ambience and steady warmth also help them sleep better, especially when dealing with chronic pain.


Mental Health Benefits

Being cosy and comfortable can lift your mood and has calming effects. Watching the realistic flames of an electric heater has a hypnotic, meditative quality that can reduce stress and anxiety. Our models come with customisable lighting and flame settings that allow you to create the perfect ambience for relaxation.


Safer for Children and Pets

While traditional fireplaces pose risks with their open flames and loose sparks, the tempered and cool-to-the-touch glass of an electric heater Sydney mitigates the hazards of burns and injuries. Hence, these appliances are perfect when you have curious little ones and furry companions running around. Many models also have features like automatic shut-off timers and child locks.


Cleaner Indoor Air Quality

Electric fireplaces are a cleaner heating option than their traditional wood-burning or gas counterparts. Since no emissions, soot or other pollutants are released into your indoor air; these heaters create a healthy and cosy living environment without compromising your home’s air quality.


Learn More About Electric Heaters

From respiratory relief to mental health wellness, the health benefits of an electric heater are extensive and worth the investment. Visit our website or call Sydney Heaters & Pizza Ovens at 1300 938 346 to learn more about our stylish and energy-efficient electric heater models.

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