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FROM: $3,390.00

The beautiful Kiwi Yunca Xander is a truly special wood heater. While most heaters have the flames up behind glass, with the Yunca Xander you can lever open the door and allow the flames to flicker and heat the room directly. And being designed especially for the New Zealand winters, it’s a perfect fit for our winters here in Australia.

One of the great things about the Yunca Xander is how clean and efficient it is. With emissions as low as 0.8g, this heater is brilliant for the environment. And with the efficiency at 66%, you’ll save a lot more wood with the Yunca Xander than with other similar heaters. Yet despite how clean and efficient it is, it still manages to belt out the heat! Coming in at a whopping 220m², the Yunca Xander knows how to heat. And when the Xander gets hot enough, the automatic two-speed fan kicks in, pushing the heat out into the room.
It’s not hard to see why everyone in New Zealand loves the Yunca Xander. It’s beautiful heat, pushed out by its extraordinary fan, is complimented by its clean burning and, most importantly, the drop-down door. Now you can finally have the door open for your wood heater and have a true open fireplace.



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