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Introducing the all new VLAZE Heat Shield. Produced by AJ Wells & Sons, the same company who produces the iconic London Underground signs. These high quality, British made, vitreous enamel heat shields are the perfect addition to almost any wood heater installation.

The best thing about the VLAZE Heat Shields is their ability to reduce wood heater rear clearances by up to 80%. This turns that 200mm clearance into a nice and small 40mm clearance. Perfect for the wood heater with a large rear clearance to bring it nice and snug against the wall safely.

The VLAZE Heat Shields are available in three stunning styles; standard black enamel, crackled white enamel and black splatter enamel. The vitreous enamel is baked onto the steel, creating the nice strong sheen vitreous enamel is known for. And these are easy to install, with two wall brackets mounted to the wall, the VLAZE Heat Shield just clicks on. This allows for the heat shield to be perfectly placed and to match your wood heater and VLAZE Hearth.


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