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FROM: $8,770.00

The Spectre Duel-Door series of wood heaters from Jindara is the ultimate in style and luxury. The Spectre Modular features a glass viewing window on both sides of the fire plus an optional 1200 mm bench for a modern distinctive look. This is a versatile heater which can also be mounted as a through-wall installation allowing you to heat two adjoining rooms at the same time. 

The Spectre Modular is a very powerful heater which is well-suited to a large, spacious home. 

This fire can heat a substantial area of up to 420 m2. It has a large firebox with wide door openings that allow you to conveniently load logs of up to 530 mm in length. The firebox is lined with cast iron for durability, heat efficiency and heat retention. Each of the doors is fitted with a dual-action handle latch with safety control. 

This is an efficient low emissions heater. Efficiency is rated at 62% peak efficiency and emissions are low at 1.2 g per kg of wood burned. Heat output into the living spaces is boosted by two three-speed fans with thermostatic control.


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