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FROM: $7,620.00

The Spectre freestanding wood heater is a spectacular stunning-looking fire with doors on either side. It has one of the highest heat outputs of any wood heater on the market and belts out the heat to warm a more spacious home. This makes a great investment for anyone that wants a durable, quality heater that makes a really special feature in their living area. 

This well-engineered heater is capable of heating an area of up to 420 m2. At the same time, this is a one of the cleanest wood burners on the market with emissions as low as 1.2 g per kg of wood burned. 

The Spectre freestanding can be fitted as a through-wall installation as well as stand-alone, making it possible for your family and friends to enjoy the warmth and ambience of this fire from two adjoining rooms. This also makes a great choice within a large open-plan space. 

Quality is always assured with Jindara heaters. The Spectre uses top materials that are long-lasting and enhance heat output and heat retention. It has two thermostatically-controlled fans, a thick cast iron-lined firebox, and an 8 mm steel baffle plate. 

It also comes with Jindara’s ten-year firebox warranty.


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