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The Firefox wood fire is a great investment – a beautiful feature in your living space plus an economical, efficient and sustainable way to heat your living space. You will feel comfortable and warm in your home throughout the winter months no matter how inclement the weather is outside. The Firefox design maximises the glass viewing area of the heater, making the lit fire a wonderful focal point for family and friends during the winter months. The fire’s design combines a traditional-style firebox with a more contemporary well-proportioned pedestal. This heater is engineered to heat a large space of up to 160 m2. You can choose to have an optional fan fitted which will boost heat by pushing warm air out into your living space for even greater warmth and cosiness. All of the heaters from the SCH range produce very clean heat and emissions are well below the standard limits set in Australia. This wood heater burns cleanly and efficiently and emissions are estimated at 1.5 g per kg of wood burned.


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