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The SCH 160 Wood Heater is a top-quality high-spec heater built by Australian company Firefox. These fires are a classic design and make a beautiful centrepiece in any home, whether it be more traditional in style or contemporary.

The Firefox wood heaters are slow-combustion fires engineered for maximum heat output. Warmth comes from both natural convection combined with radiant heat. As the fire heats up, it draws air from your living space up and around all sides of the firebox and then circulates the heated air back into your room. Once you’ve come in from the cold and lit your fire, your home will be warm and cosy in no time with this well-designed, efficient heater.

The SCH 160 is suitable for areas of up to 160 m2. It is nicely proportioned and has small legs to suit its compact design. This is a very clean heater with emissions estimated at 1.5 g per kg of wood burned. The option of adding a fan increases the heating capability.

Additional Information

Dimensions H 770 W 100 D 585
Capacity 160m2
Efficiency 60%
Emissions 1.5 (g/kg)
Weight 140KG


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