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FROM: $4,930.00

The Jindara Pyrenees wood heater makes a spectacular focal point in any home and provides clean efficient warmth and cosiness throughout the winter months. It has a huge bay window and takes large logs of up to 450 mm long. Family and friends will love sitting in front of this fire watching the flames on a cold night.

The Pyrenees is a powerful heater and can heat a substantial area of up to 300 m2.

This is a very clean burner with emissions as low as 1.3 g per kg of wood burned. Its built-in three-speed fan, 6 mm thick firebox, 8 mm baffle plate and fire-brick lining ensures maximum heat retention and heat output into your living space. The Pyrenees also features Jindara’s unique dual pre-heated primary air system.

This is a very practical fire to own as it has an efficient airwash system that cleans the glass. It also has a cool touch casing.


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