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The Fairlight freestanding wood fire is a unique design that makes a stunning contemporary feature in any living space. The substantial landscape-style viewing window allows you to appreciate the warmth and ambience of a real wood fire.The Fairlight freestanding also comes with a beautifully designed bench that doubles as an area for convenient log storage.This heater is perfect for heating larger spaces and can warm areas of up to 300m2. Output is boosted by a three-speed fan. This is a highly efficient fire with an impressive peak efficiency rating of 67%. The Fairlight will keep you warm day and night throughout the winter with its very long burn time of up to 8.5 hours.Kent is an Australian owned and operated manufacturer and is well known for producing very clean burners. The Fairlight burns at ultra low efficiency ratings of 0.7 g per kg of wood burned, well below Australian standard limits.The firebox uses Skamolex technology for superior insulation which doesn’t require a firebrick lining and therefore needs very little maintenance. Plus, you avoid replacement costs associated with firebrick linings.

Heater 465H x 981W x 496D mm
Bench 315H x 1190w x 496D mm
Coverage 300m²
Peak Heat Output 14.9kW
Burn Time up to 8.5 hours
Efficiency 67%
Emissions 0.7g/kg
Maximum Log Size 330-700mm
Construction 5mm with SKAMOLEX™ lining
Firebox Size 0.06m³


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