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ESSE 775

FROM: $2,990.00

There’s nothing cooler than the clean lines of the ESSE 775 wood heater. This stunning unit boasts a beautiful cast-iron curved door with an exceptional viewing glass, ideal for seeing those stunning ESSE flames! And with an interior packed full of features, the ESE 775 is one fantastic heater ready to heat your home.

The inside of the firebox is truly where the magic happens. Vermiculite brick lined to ensure a clean burn, the bottom of the firebox contains a shaker grate, to ensure an easy clean for the ash in the bottom of your firebox. And with the ash dump underneath, cleaning is a breeze. And with an air control just above the door, bringing air into the fire is simple. All of this creates a fire that has the capacity to heat up to 100m², and with a clean burn of 1g emissions, does so in an extremely environmentally friendly way.

The top of the ESSE 775 isn’t just any boring old top, it’s a cooktop. Perfect for boiling a kettle or simmering a pot, the ESSE 775’s cooktop is a delightful feature. And if you want even more space for your cooktop, that’s an option too! The flue can be placed out of the rear rather than the top, which can give you more space on top for a cleaner look, or if you cannot flue directly up. The radiant sides also allow your heater to heat outwards as well as forwards and will keep the heater warm long after your fire has gone out.
Handmade in the United Kingdom, the ESSE 775 brings together all ESSE’s 150 years of experience into a brand new, modern wood heater. Ideal for the modern home which needs a beautiful fire, the ESSE 775 is one fantastic unit.


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