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ESSE 700

FROM: $2,290.00

Established back in 1854, UK company ESSE is known for superior engineering and design of wood heaters. Styling is a traditional design that provides a great centrepiece to any living space and looks great either in a large fireplace or as a free-standing unit. Design and manufacture are cutting edge and ESSE is leading the way in developing very clean heaters. They have also developed an automatic ignition system, a unique new technology for wood stoves which allows you to ignite the fire remotely at the press of a button. The 700 Vista is a multi-fuel heater, so you can use wood or coal. It has an extremely high efficiency rating of over 78%. It is the largest of the Vista range with a 10.5 kW heat output for wood. The ESSE 700 Vista is a solidly built cast-iron fire that will keep you warm and cosy through many, many winters.

Efficiency % 65%
Output 10.5kW (logs) / 9.5kW (mineral fuel)
Flue pipe diameter 6″ (150mm)
Approved for use on decorative hearths Yes
Weight 102KG
Additional room vent (3025mm2 or ø 62mm
Available with log store 300mm (H)

Clearances to combustibles: 350mm side, 400mm rear (250mm with additional heat shield), 450mm top, 305mm front.


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