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Designed for the most spacious of Australian homes.
Clean Air Freestanding Wood Heaters, or Console Models, are great when there is no existing fireplace or chimney, but you are looking for the safety, convenience and environmental features of a clean burning, fully enclosed and controllable wood heater. They can be installed nearly anywhere and are available in small, medium or large, depending upon heating requirements.

Designed for the most spacious of Australian homes, the powerful Freestanding Clean Air Wood Heaters heat homes of 18-30 squares and offer superior performance, efficient use of firewood, and long burn times.

The Clean Air Freestanding Wood Heater uses the advanced firebox design for which Clean Air is famous, and has a removable stainless steel baffle complete with a 10 year warranty (medium and large only). The firebox’s patented heat exchange system, including a three-speed fan, enhances natural convection and is the signature of all Clean Air Wood Heaters. The heat tube system means you can switch the fan off when burning low and still get excellent air circulation.

Clean Air Freestanding Wood Heaters perform well below the EPA low emissions requirements without compromising overnight burn capacity.

Any of the Clean Air Freestanding Wood Heater range is the ideal choice for heating the whole house on a cold winter’s night, efficiently keeping your home warm all day and night with a minimum of fuss.

Available in a choice of eight fashionable colours and with an optional gold or chrome door.

Specifications Small
Height 755mm
Width 675mm
Weight 150kg
flue 190mm
Heating capacity 18sq
Rear clearance 100mm
Side clearance 300mm
Corner clearance 50mm
Hearth size 350x890x4.5mm


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