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The Candy is a stylish radiant heat wood burning free standing fireplace made entirely of very high thermic yield cast iron. To enhance its appearance further, the exterior is entirely coated in an enamel finish.

The firebox is a cast iron with a post-combustion system. Meeting the latest benchmark German certification standards as well as Australian standards. Highly efficient radiant wood-burning fireplace.

Special Features

  • Nominal output: 7.4kW
  • Window Height 390mm, Width 215mm
  • Large viewing window (CGC)
  • Firebox in G20 high thermal yield cast iron
  • Entirely cast iron enamelled stove (RDT)
  • Enamelled cast iron exterior
  • Post combustion system (PCS)
  • Particle emissions: 1.2g/kg
  • Efficiency: 65% (AS/NZS4012/4013), 85.1% (EUROPEAN)*
  • Wood consumption: 1.5kg/hr @ medium burn rate

Dimensions overall

  • Width 404mm
  • Height 890mm
  • Depth 397mm
  • Weight 84kg

Firebox opening

  • Width 233mm
  • Height 315mm

Firebox internal dimensions:

  • Width 330mm
  • Height 356mm
  • Depth 215mm

Flue specifications:

  • Diameter, adapter inc. 150mm
  • Centre of flue to rear of fire 202mm

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