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The Calisto large wood heater insert is a powerful heater perfect for a medium-sized or more spacious home. It can warm an area of up to 300 m2. This Calisto model showcases Kent’s beautiful chic and elegant designs with large viewing windows so that you can enjoy and appreciate the full experience of a real wood burning fire.This is also a very efficient clean heater. Peak efficiency is 63% and emissions are low at 0.7 g per kg. Kent uses the latest in clean burn technology; combination twin air intakes mean that when the wood burns, carbon-rich gases that are emitted also burn and virtually no smoke or gases are released.The Calisto large insert will keep your home warm and toasty day and night even through the coldest winters. It has an impressive overnight burn time of up to 8.5 hours.This heater is designed to fit into an existing fireplace and is zero clearance compatible, making installation easy and bringing you a beautiful real fire without the hassle of a traditional fire.

Coverage 300m²
Burn Time up to 8 hours
Efficiency Above 60%
Emissions Below 1.5g/kg
Maximum Log Size 370mm
Construction 6mm
Log Store 0.1m³
Warranty 10 Year Firebox
Zero Clearance compatible


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