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The ADF 1000 NMV-P is a beautifully engineered freestanding wood heater that comes with a pedestal base. This heater is manufactured in Portugal and expertly designed with very clean lines that will provide a sensational focal point in any area and fit well into any style of house. Even the door handles are designed so that they are hidden from view as part of this clever minimalist look. This heater has a powerful 17 kW output with an average 64% efficiency. It can warm impressively large areas of between 200-250 m2 using both pure radiant and natural convection. It is well insulated with high-density vermiculite linings. The 1000 NMV-P Freestanding heater has a unique automatic flue damper system which minimises the amount of smoke entering the room when you open the door to refill with wood. The airwash system allows air to wash over the glass efficiently keeping it clean and minimising care and maintenance. The fire comes with a 5-year warranty and complies with AS2918 / AS4012/4013 Australian standards.


  • Freestanding clean lines are balanced by the pedestal base (included)
  • Door handles cleverly hidden to enhance the design
  • Pure radiant and natural convection
  • Easy to install vermiculite linings


Height (approx) 880mm
Width (approx) 1010mm
Depth (approx) 450mm
Weight (approx) 206kg


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