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The Pivot Stove has been an integral part of the kitchen for over 160 years and Esse has been the leader of the pack since the beginning. The classic stylings make the Pivot Stove a welcome addition to any kitchen. They come in wood-fuelled and now there is an electric powered Pivot Stove on the market that is one of the top performers while being eco-friendly.

The looks of the Pivot Stove haven’t changed much over the years. Their stunning looks are matched by their functionality. It’s an oven, grill, and hotplate with plenty of room to cook your favourite dishes all in the one go. In this post, we take a closer look at the Esse Pivot Stove Series that will have you trading in your conventional stove for one of these stylish stoves.


The Esse 990 CH is a thing of beauty in looks and functionality. This model can take care of all your cooking needs with a hotplate, oven, and cooktop. The 990 CH can also be hooked up to your hot water system and central heating, so you’re killing many birds with one stone. It features top and bottom ovens which both have a huge capacity. The main oven is 48 litres and the bottom is 32 litres giving you plenty of room for even the biggest roast. It can burn wood or solid fuel and doesn’t require a conversation system to switch between the two. The extra-large hotplate fits up to six pans, making this baby a kitchen powerhouse that is large enough to be used in commercial kitchens.

Esse Iron heart

The Esse Iron Heart is more than just a Pivot Stove – it combines the functionality of a stove with the viewing pleasure of a fireplace. It has a super large hotplate like the 990 CH and can fit up to six pans and a generous oven. The beauty of the Iron Heart is the fuel burning box with its looking glass, so you keep an eye on the fire and be spellbound by the dancing flames. Not only that, it acts as an efficient heater with a whopping 9.7 kW output which is plenty enough for medium to large size rooms. The Iron Heart’s classic design will see it being a talking point and centrepiece to your kitchen.

Esse EL 13Amp

This is a relatively new oven with the classic stylings of the Esse range. It’s a super-efficient electric stove that is ergonomic and eco-friendly. It features top and bottom ovens with ample room and a nice big hotplate for all your frying and braising needs. It uses a power share technology to cut down on your environmental footprint and power bill. It’s the classic tale of modern innovation meets traditional beauty.

Once you see the Esse range of Pivot Stoves you will instantly fall in love. So come and see us at Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens and one our professional staff will give you the full low down on this beautiful range of stoves.

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