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Was your terrace abandoned this winter? There’s a good chance the cause was a lack of heating. Without a heat source outdoors, you and your guests are much more likely to migrate indoors during the cooler months, and that’s a problem for people who love to entertain guests with BBQs outdoors.

Fortunately, cost-effective outdoor heating systems can transform your patio spaces, and turn them into festive areas even when the weather cools down. In fact, an outdoor heating system – like a wood fired heater or outdoor fire pit – is the perfect complement to your patio space that will enable you to host BBQs year round.

Why You Should Consider An Outdoor Heater

From an extended outdoor season, to the rustic aesthetic for your patio an outdoor wood stove or heater can create, there are numerous benefits to installing a patio heating system. They include:

Extend the BBQ Season

Your patio is a great place for entertaining guests and relaxing, but after summer ends, there’s no reason you should pack it up and wait until next year. With an outdoor heating system, you can extend the BBQ season well into the winter, helping to create a warm, inviting space for you and your guests. In Australia, where the winters are relatively mild, an outdoor fire pit or wood heater can make your patio a year-round space for entertaining guests.

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Add Style to Your Patio

Outdoor heaters and fire pits are available in a range of styles, and they can be the perfect style feature to your outdoor garden. For example, a rustic wood-burning fire pit can transform your patio into a backcountry lodge. And lamp-style outdoor heaters fit in with a modern style decks and patios. Whatever type of patio heater you choose, you’ll be creating a space people want to spend time in.

A Safe and Efficient Heating Option

Whether you choose a wood fire pit, or an electric or gas heater, you can rest assured the heating system is safe and efficient to operate. Fire pits utilise wood for heating, a cost-effective fuel source, and the cost of ethanol or gas is also very affordable. Plus, the majority of outdoor heaters available on the market are designed with safety features to prevent accidental fires, burns to operators and smoke inhalation.

An Affordable Luxury

Outdoor heating systems range in price from about $500 to $1,000, and after the initial investment, fuel costs remain very low. For example, gas may cost less than $.50 per hour to operate, and cord wood for an outdoor fire pit is a very cheap fuel source. Plus, a well-maintained system can last many outdoor seasons and some options are easily moved into storage during summer.

Don’t leave your patio underutilised in the winter – install an outdoor heater. If you’re a person who likes to entertain, it’s a must-have item that will extend the BBQ season throughout the year.