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Why wouldn’t you want to keep having fun all winter long? Even though the mercury is dropping, there’s no reason why we still can’t have an outdoor party. The only thing to remember is to make sure that you’ve got heating options available for your guests!

So if you’re looking for some frosty inspiration for your upcoming winter do outside, then look no further than these party ideas. Try one, try them all, and get to having fun.

Xmas in July
Everyone’s favourite winter party rolls around again with Christmas in July. Gather together your loved ones, whether they be your friends or family, and have a good old-fashioned Christmas feast in the backyard. We like to go for a lunchtime affair for this one, complete with traditional Christmas dishes – roast turkey, ham, gravy, all the trimmings, and who could forget the old Christmas pudding! Encourage the team to dress up in their Christmas finest to keep the theme going.

The easiest way to do this is if everyone brings a plate of food to add to the table. Don’t forget to add tinsel, Christmas crackers, and even a secret Santa if you’re really in the mood.

A trip to the snow
It doesn’t have to actually snow in Australia for us to party like it is! When it’s cold out, you can throw a snow party, complete with a fake snow machine to really make things exciting! Light a fire, and grab the marshmallows to toast, make sure to get out the rum to warm everyone up, and bundle up in your winter woollies. If you’ve got any ski gear lying around you might like to use it to decorate, or you can always do the old primary school trick and glue cotton wool to everything…

Outdoor Winter Party Ideas - Just Make Sure You Have Heating!

Bonfire of the Vanities
Make it a silly 80s extravagance themed party by hosting your own Bonfire of the Vanities. Make like you’re a wall street banker or a socialite, and dress up in your 1980s finest, replete with an actual bonfire (which you can burn fake 100 dollar notes in if that’s your thing).

Serve tasty canapes and champagne and toast to all your futures! For the best 80s costumes, go for a rummage at the op shops to find all the top buys.

Make sure to keep the party going well into the evening by having adequate outdoor heating for your party entertaining area. You can choose from electric or Sydney gas heaters options, either in wall mounted or stand up varieties. These can be mains attached, or not, too. Check out all our heating options at Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens to make sure your party is a winner.

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