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With the mercury going down, it’s the perfect time to add an outdoor heater to your entertainment area. Your outdoor space remains warm even as the cold creeps in with a heater providing that extra layer of warmth and ambience, meaning your nighttime dining and entertainment can go beyond the summer months.

In this blog, we have collected some safety hints and tricks to keep you warm and safe the whole year round!

Choose the right heater for your space.

The market for outdoor heaters has expanded, with Australians wanting to spend more time outdoors despite colder temperatures. Whether it be gas, electric or woodfired, each heater will have its advantages and disadvantages, and the right choice for you will depend upon your outdoor area and requirements. Things to consider are your outdoor space’s size and height and how many people you endeavour to entertain in your outdoor area. A free-standing heater is suitable if your space is small, whilst a pit fire is a fabulous choice for larger sizes.

Choose a safe space

To prevent fire hazards, keep your heater a safe distance away from walls, furniture and anything that can be a fire hazard, such as material like carpet and table cloths. The suggested clearance distance is three feet around the outside of the heater.

Find level grounding

If you have a portable patio heater, only use it on flat surfaces. By placing it on a flat surface rather than an incline, you avoid the possibility of it tipping over and creating a fire or burn hazard. You can weigh down your patio heater with heat-resistant stabilizers such as sandbags or water weights to prevent movement. Alternatively, you can use flame-retardant ties such as bungee cords to peg your heater to the lawn as you would with a tent.

Open space

It may seem obvious, but only ever use your outdoor heater outdoors. Make sure there is adequate clearance from your home and any trees of any possible fire hazards. Outdoor heaters are specifically designed for open or semi-open areas, allowing for proper ventilation and air circulation to ensure no carbon monoxide build-up risk.

ALWAYS keep a fire extinguisher nearby

Even following these and the manufacturer’s safety guidelines, accidents may still happen. Always keep a fire extinguisher nearby and make sure it is the correct classification for your outdoor heater (Class B for gas; Class C for electric; or a multipurpose extinguisher for both).

Other safety precautions

Whether you use gas, electricity or woodfire, keep a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector near your outdoor heater. Set a reminder to test the batteries regularly and have peace of mind that you are protected.

These are just a few suggested safety tips from us here at Sydney Heaters & Pizza Ovens. We recommend you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines in conjunction with the above to have a safe and happy outdoor experience!

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