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Home Chef: Why You Need a Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Wood Fire Pizza Oven


If there’s a person in this world who doesn’t like pizza, then we’ve yet to meet them. Sure, there’s those who skip cheese because they’re lactose intolerant, replace the tomato sauce with a creamy base instead, or go for a gluten free dough, but we think you’d be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t like pizza in at least some variation!


The problem with a lot of pizza is that it’s not made very well. Maybe you think Tony skimped on the toppings a little this time, the …

Why You Should Pick A Pellet Heater For Your Home

Immensely popular in Europe, pellet heaters are quickly building a following among Australian households as an alternative and economical heating source. Pellet heaters combine the traditional characteristics of wood burning with digital advantages to create a completely customisable heating option. But as it a somewhat unknown entry into the heating market, customers have little resources to turn to for information. We pulled together our best information to give you a quick guide on pellet heaters, so read on to find out more!

Pellet heater

What is a pellet heater?

A pellet heater is a type of wood-fire …

Six Reasons to Get The Family A Wood Fired Pizza Oven

There is nothing quite like sinking your teeth into a crispy, delicious pizza straight out of the oven – or better yet, a wood fired pizza oven!

If you haven’t already discovered, a wood fired pizza oven combines old-world cooking with modern design to create a super hot, super flavoursome, and super fast oven that goes beyond just pizza making.

We put together our top six reasons why a wood fired pizza oven does more than just Australia’s favourite take-away meal:

Super fast, quality cooking

The secret to the perfect pizza is in the oven’s design; a true pizza oven can reach temperatures …

Paul Mercurio’s Wood-Fired Alfresco Oven

You may have seen Paul Mercurio most recently on his popular TV series Mercurio’s Menu in which he travels Australia sampling, and cooking with, the finest Australian local produce.

Mercurio Pizzas

Sydney Heaters recently installed an Alfresco Wood Fired Pizza Oven in Paul’s home.

From all accounts he is having a fantastic time experimenting with his new wood fired oven and using tools from Slow Foods and Hand Forged Tools to do it!

Little Ray of Sunshine Ball

The Mason, Hutchinson and Bakers families would like to thank you so much for the donation of a 1 nights woodfire pizza oven hire, to help us raise much needed funds for the Liver Transplant Unit at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead via our Little Ray of Sunshine Ball.

The Ball was a happy, noisy, colourful and very successful night, raising a total of $70,000…

On Monday the 17th August we presented the cheque to Dr Albert Shun and Dr Michael Storman of the Liver Transplant Team at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead. These funds will go towards the ERBEJET 2 machine …

Hills Home Show

We will be displaying our range of Heaters and Pizza Ovens at the Hills Home Show on March 21st and 22nd. Please come along and try some authentic wood-fired pizza, and talk to us about your heating and entertaining needs.

Hills Home Show