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Australia’s tropical climates are ideal for entertaining outdoors with friends and family. The quintessential Aussie barbeque is a hive of activity, with children and adults buzzing around enjoying some quality time with each other. The role of chef is an integral one and usually, the workload is shared amongst the attendees as many hands make light work and many hearts smiles make a gathering.

The old-fashioned barbeque has advanced in its culinary stature as the kitchen has gained popularity over the years with a large number of Aussies turning their outdoor entertaining area into a kitchen and dining room as well. It usually starts with the addition of a barbeque or wood pizza oven and ends up with a complete outdoor makeover including sinks, fridges and preparation benches – basically everything you need to cook up a gourmet feast in the cool night air in the comfort of your own home. There is a myriad of products on the market to turn your patio into a professional working kitchen and advance your culinary expertise.

When planning your outdoor kitchen area some considerations must be taken into the design and planning, functionality and ergonomics. The design of your outdoor kitchen depends on what style you’re going for. The style isn’t the only thing though, you want a kitchen that is functional, inviting. and a pleasant space to prepare delicious meals and entertain as well. Today we are going to discuss some modern approached to exterior kitchens and hopefully, it helps you come to ideal outdoor kitchen solution that is ideal for your style and cooking requirements.

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Always take into consideration the space that you are planning to install your outdoor kitchen. You want to keep the space as open as possible. so you’re not cramped when trying to cook delicious food. Everything should be placed with ergonomics and functionality in mind. Some stainless steel workbenches are ideal as they are resistant to extreme weather and easy to clean. A kitchen sink is ideal for an outdoor kitchen and will save you having to run inside whenever you need to use a tap. If you want to go the whole hog. get an outdoor fridge to store all your party supplies in, such as food and your favorite beverages.

Outdoor heaters are a great addition especially for those who live in colder climates. Outdoor entertaining and cooking shouldn’t only be a summer thing. Installing outdoor heaters will give you the option to cook outside all year round.

A pizza oven will complete your outdoor kitchen, not only cooking the perfect pizza, it can double as a fireplace, heater, and oven. A versatile and welcome addition to your outdoor kitchen.

Building your outdoor, selecting all the products and them seeing them installed and your outdoor area starts to come to life. Some foresight will ensure that your outdoor kitchen is tailored perfectly to your needs. Sydney Heaters & Pizza Ovens have a vast range of products at your disposal to pick and choose from and will make that task of building your outdoor kitchen a breeze.