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At Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens, we stock a wide range of home heating and cooking for your home, from wood-fired pizza ovens to wood-burning heaters, but, if you are looking for something a little unusual but highly practical, you can’t go past out new range of Esse Wood Stoves.

Handcrafted in Britain an Esse wood stove will look amazing in your kitchen, these wood stoves bring a touch of rustic, old world charm into the modern home. For over 160 years the Esse wood stove has been lovingly crafted and built in England to provide you with efficient and economical heat for cooking – in winter they warm your home brilliantly, and they come in a range of finishes and sizes to suit any kitchen.

The range includes –

**Esse Plus 1 – which can also be used as a stand-alone appliance. There really is nothing more rewarding than cooking a meal to perfection on a fire you have built yourself. Of course, you may not always want to fire up the oven – why not team the Plus 1 with a model like the EL 13Amp which gives you that fast electric response with a same earthy feel as the plus 1 when you do choose to fire it up.

  • Single lower 32ltr oven
  • Wood burning cooker with multifuel conversion available
  • Optional domestic hot water boiler
  • A large *target* hotplate
  • Radiant output to room up to 5kw
  • Stand-alone or partner it with another Esse cooker

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**Esse EL 13Amp – is an innovative and eco-friendly cooker with *power share* technology. On a standard electric cooker each hotplate is allowed a set amount of energy. What makes the EL 13Amp unique is that it shares the total amount of available energy to the whole cooker. Power share technology means temperatures are easily maintained keeping your cooking performance continually powerful

  • Top oven size is 42Ltr
  • Bottom oven size is 30Ltr
  • Electric 13 amps heat storage cooker
  • Cast iron hotplate
  • Plate warmer
  • Slumber control
  • Integral full-width grill
  • Induction zone

**Esse 990 CH – don’t need a conversion system to switch between wood or solid fuel, so you use the oven however you want. It will run at full output for more than 5 hours with just one load of anthracite or can slumber for up to 24 hours on the same load.

    • Control to divert heat predominantly to central heating and domestic hot water or cooking
    • Burn cycle of 24 hours
    • Large hotplate for up to 6 pans
    • Thermostatically-controlled boiler
    • Hinge to stop doors clashing with the front of the cooker
    • Precision doors with slam-shut handles
    • Generous 48Ltr main oven and 32Ltr bottom oven
    • Effortlessly switch between wood and solid fuel, or a mix of the two
    • Fuel damper and flue box knob for additional control