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Esse’s Hybrid model is the king of all stoves. This multi-functional marvel is one genius piece of kitchen attaché. Do you love the taste of barbecue? Do you love the taste of wood-fired baked food? Do you love the modern convenience of an electric oven with ultimate temperature control? Well, you’re in luck because the Esse Hybrid has it all.

On the left side of the Esse, you have a fully functional thirty-two-litre wood-fired stove. It comes with a premium quality baking tray so you can cook all your favourites dishes. The Esse hybrid has changed the way we cook by converting the firebox into a grill. You can cook in the actual firebox directly over hot over the coals for that perfect charcoal sear. You can cook steaks, skewers, sausages and even vegetables with that beautiful smoky barbecue flavour.

The Esse, with its wet back feature, has the ability to become a hot water system. All you have to do is install the wet back and while you’re cooking your favourite meal the Esse Hybrid heat up your hot water system.

The right side of the Esse Hybrid features two true cooking ovens. They have a wraparound element that gives you awesome heat control and the end results of a wood-fired oven. Like the wood-fired side it also features a grill. The Esse Hybrid gives you all the cooking options you would ever need, and we haven’t even mentioned the cooktop.

The left side hotplate gets heat from the fire. It also features a removable centre plate that can be used for a wok to cook directly over the open the flames. Esse has thought this cooktop through and gives you a variety of cooking temperatures throughout the cooktop. The side of the cooktop can be used for simmering or warming whereas the centre is used for frying and other high heat applications. Each hotplate also has a bolster lid which allows you to char-steam. Char-steam involves cooking directly on the hotplate and covering the food with the bolster. The food is cooked by the direct heat and the steam created. The results are absolutely delicious. You can cook directly on the hotplate or the Esse stove top has enough room for three or four saucepans.

The Esse Hybrid has more than enough room to cook, fry, steam, and bake all your favourite meals. It’s also super-efficient on electricity and only requires a simple 15-amp plug. There is no need for three phase or hard wiring your oven into your grid.

Esse uses a shared power technology that evenly distributes power throughout the electric side of the stove to make it one of the most efficient stoves on the market. Not only is the Esse a complete cooking experience, it looks amazing and comes in a variety of stunning colours from deep green to vibrant purples. We never thought we would say this about an oven, but it’s a real head turner.

If the Esse Hybrid peaks your interest come and see us at Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens and we will gladly give you the run down and show this magnificent cooking machine.


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