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If you want warmth and luxury at the same time, then the Element 1800 is what you have been waiting for. An absolute breathtaking piece with fluid clean lines, it is a sure head turner. The Element has benefits on benefit, along it’s good looks it has a remarkable star rating so, you really can’t go wrong.

If you love the look and feel of a log fire, but don’t want to deal with all the mess and smoke, flame effect electric heaters are a perfect choice. They perform just like a normal electric heater but with the addition of realistic looking flames.

There are many reasons for choosing the Element 1800 electric heater, the below are just a few:

  • Style – electric flame heaters are sleek and modern and come with a stunning flame effect that gives you the look and feel of *the real thing* without the mess.
  • Controls – this unit comes with full remote control and is also ap enabled, when using Wi-Fi, you can set the heater to come on before you get home, your home is toasty warm when you get there. No more walking into a cold room and waiting for the heater to warm the room up.
  • You get control over your flames, from low fire to a room warming full flame effect.
  • Running cost – these heaters use the same amount of power as your more traditional styles of electric convection heaters when it comes to running costs and efficiency and is a good option for heating a smaller room.

A True Star

The Element 1800 has a very impressive star rating when it comes to power consumption and running costs and has a fantastic power balanced flue technology that makes it perfect for the home or office. Thanks to the Power Flue there is plenty of flexibility for installation in apartments, two-story homes and even commercial projects and a full remote control gives you complete control over the fire, flames, effects, and heat.

The Element 1800 is also Wi-Fi capable simply download the app and you have full control of your fire via your phone or most smart devices in your room. From telling your fire to switch on or off, to controlling the fireplace remotely ensuring you come home to a warm home, or your office is warmed before you get there.

  • Heat Output: 0.1 up to 110m2
  • Clearances: Tv- 300mm above
  • Designed and built in Australia
  • Size: 1966 X 620 X 430mmm with a viewing area of 1760 X 365mm


At Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens, we have all your electric heating needs covered. Come on down and chat with one of our friendly staff and we will get you sorted with a heater perfect for your needs.


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