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Installing a pizza oven is so easy, the Alfresco wood fire pizza ovens range can be installed for you, or, all three models come in very easy to use, do it yourself kits. Cooking in a wood fire pizza oven is without a doubt one of life’s greatest pleasures. Few things compare to building your own wood fire pizza oven and then watching as the flames grow heating the oven dome, feeling that heat on your face and then cooking some of the world’s best – not only pizzas, but breads and even roasts as well.

It won’t be long till you find that your pizza oven has become not only the highlight of weekend entertaining, but it will be used for weekday cooking as well. Many pizza oven owners say they haven’t bothered to light their traditional BBQ up since they installed their wood fire pizza oven. That alone is enough to convince most people they need to have a one of these ovens in their backyard too. The other good thing about a wood fire pizza oven is – it will save you money in the long run.

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When it comes to pizza there is quite a difference in both price and quality – from home brand supermarket labels that are practically inedible through to your pizza chain stores that deliver hot freshly made pizza to your door – at a premium price. Bread is also another product that differs greatly in quality and price. The unfortunate problem or issue with buying quality products is that over time these costs add up, so, imagine what you could actually save by making your own fresh pizzas and breads?

If you add up the cost of ingredients for making your own pizza – even if you buy a ready-made base, you’ll find that per pizza it is a lot less than buying from one of the major pizza chains. The cost of making your own loaf of bread from scratch is also a lot less than you would spend at a specialty baker.

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Over time you will save money by making your own bread and pizzas, you get to enjoy great food, well cooked and served hot. If your partner isn’t too sure assure them that in the long run the wood fire pizza oven will pay for itself, your food will be served hot, be amazingly fresh and you’ll be able to experiment with different flavours, textures and toppings – make the pizzas YOU want to make, not the pizzas the pizza chains want to sell you.

All Alfresco wood fire pizza oven kits come with all the materials you need to start building your own wood fired pizza oven.  Once your pizza oven is set up it’s time to enjoy a beautiful wood fired meal – what more could you ask for?