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Do you consider yourself an alfresco aficionado? Perhaps a BBQ master? Well, it might time to take your outdoor entertaining to the next the level with an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen will turn hosting fabulous outdoor dinner parties into a breeze and give your guests a firsthand experience of your kitchen wizardry.

Apart from the show off factor, they make outdoor cooking that much easier. No longer will you be darting in and out of the kitchen to check if the food is done, or to serve the next dish. All your gastronomy needs will be at your fingertips. This way you can be the chef and partake in the party without missing a thing.


What do You Need in Your Outdoor Kitchen?

Your outdoor kitchen should have everything your indoor kitchen has and more. First, you will need a BBQ to cook with. Preferably a model with a grill, side burner and rotisserie.  This should cover all your cooking bases. You will need ample bench room for prep space. A bench and a small kitchen island will suffice. These double as storage units as well as providing ample room underneath for all the tools of your trade.

A refrigerator is a must-have. This will allow you to be outside the whole time and not have to set foot inside the house to fetch items that need to be chilled.

A wood-fired pizza oven is the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen. Once you have it, you will wonder how you lived without it. You will be able to add a myriad of dishes to repertoire and impress your guests with piping hot homemade pizzas. The pizza oven can be used for more than just pizza. Get yourself a cast iron cooking pot and you can cook pot roasts, curries and even stews. If you’re feeling sassy you might also want to surprise your guests with a homemade loaf of bread baked to perfection in your pizza oven.

The dancing flames of the wood-fired pizza will add to the ambience of the dinner party as your guest’s gaze- mesmerised by the fire. On chilly nights, your pizza over also acts as an outdoor heater and a place for guests to congregate around and catch up for a yarn while staying toasty warm. This gives you the freedom to host dinner parties all year round.

With a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, you can do the chef’s dance, back and forth, flipping steaks, prepping salads, and cooking pizza while still being a gracious host and catching up with friends.

Take your kitchen outdoors and let the world of social outdoor entertaining and cooking open up to you. You will be amazed at how fun and functional an outdoor kitchen can be. It makes entertaining so much easier, and you will be itching to throw your next soiree.


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