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Keeping away the winter blues has never been easier with the extensive range of gas heaters available on the market. They are all of high quality do the job of heating well. But which gas heater is the right one for you? Selecting a gas heater to keep your home nice and toasty depends on few things, like the size of the space you need to heat and the stylistic requirements.

Luckily there are many out there to choose from. Our pre-existing customers have provided us with some feedback on their new gas heaters so we thought we would compile a list of heaters to help you keep warm this winter and take some of the pressure off choosing a gas heater for your home.

Captiva Island

The Captiva Island is a double-sided gas heater and is great for heating those open plan living homes. Not only does it look great, this heater is a beast and is ideal for heating large spaces around your home. Customers are loving its appearance and its built for maximum performance. The Captiva Island features a balanced flue and full remote control function. The unique curved burners come with pebbles or more traditional logs and coals. All these factors have our customers raving with positive feedback.

The Signature Range

The Signature Range has the appearance of a traditional wood fire from a castle, but is in fact gas and is packed with features. The unique appearance and performance make this fireplace a crowd pleaser and the customer reviews are consistently great. This gas heater was built in Australia, from conception to construction and built from the finest quality materials ensuring that it will stand the test of time and keep you warm this Australian winter. The electronic ignition makes it a breeze to light your warm up your living room in a matter of minutes. This decorative heater will be the talking point of your dinner parties as guest double take when they see it. It’s truly something to be marveled. Good old Aussie ingenuity.

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Pure Vision

Pure Vision’s simplistic take on the gas heater is ideal for the modern home. The gas heater comes in landscape, kind of like a widescreen television, but for heaters. This is another Australian conception and it’s also built here. The heater is an absolute machine and can be used for commercial applications as well as in the family home. The pure vision comes in four different colours and has a wealth of optional features so you will find one that suits your gas heating needs.

These are just a few of the premium gas heaters that our customers have been raving about this year. From the stunning double-sided Captiva Island to the truly unique Australian made signature there is defiantly a gas heater out there to keep you cosy this winter. Our customers have spoken, and all the feedback has been positive, so make sure you keep warm this winter with a gas heater. View our full range at Sydney Heaters & Pizza Ovens show room or get in touch today!