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Thankfully we live in a country where having and being able to have an outside living space is a part of the Australian Dream. People connect with certain areas of their home. Recently the Napoleon Hot Spots Research asked 900 potential home buyers, what amenities they have in their current house, and what they would be looking for in their next home. When looking to buy, we all have set items in mind – what a house HAS to have, and what it would be NICE to have. Surprisingly, most of those surveyed said they would like to have an outdoor living space with a fireplace.

They were also asked to rank their favourite room in the house, the results were:

  • The living or family room
  • The bedroom
  • The kitchen

While the results are not that surprising, it did give an insight into why people have such strong associations with certain rooms –

  • Rooms that provide the chance to socialise and relax, while being functional have the most value – the more significant the overlap between these dynamics the more value the room has.
  • Participants who had an outdoor space complete with an outdoor kitchen, seating, lights, BBQ, running water and a fireplace ranked that room as their #1 – outdoor rooms combine socialisation, functionality and an atmosphere for relaxation.

During this research, participants were shown photos of rooms, with or without certain amenities – IE no fireplaces. When asked where they would like a fireplace 35% said they would like one in their outdoor living space, with 88% surveyed saying a fireplace was an essential amenity.

A fireplace adds a luxurious feel to a house, and they can also increase the value of your home, with many home buyers listing a fireplace as a must-have feature, some even stating they would pay MORE for a home if it had a fireplace installed.

For centuries indoor fireplaces were the centrepiece of a home, but today there is a growing trend for outdoor wood fire heaters, with a wood fire heater increasing the value of a home, after all, who doesn’t like curling up at the end of the day in front of a roaring fire?

A fireplace makes people feel good, they are no longer just a source of warmth, they make a home feel homier, yet adding a feel of luxury. A wood fire heater can make your home feel cosy, lived in and loved. There is a place where the family can gather, to chat, catch up, or just spend time with friends, a fireplace adds a relaxing atmosphere to any home. If you want your home to look and feel lived in and loved, and you want to increase its resale value add a fireplace or better yet an outdoor kitchen.